Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trick or Treat Horrors from Dave

Oh the humanity! After seeing what came in the mail from "the most generous blogger in the world" I'm not sure what to expect from Santa. If you have never dropped by Dave's blog, Indians Baseball Cards and Random Wax aka Tribecards what are you waiting for my friend? Go now and come back and finish this later!

My first indication something was wrong were the obvious claw marks on the package. Initially, I thought they were from my sub-human mail person, but then I realized they came from the inside.

Obviously, something really wanted out!

That something turned out to be the something at the bottom of this post.

Mr. Lofton with that "I'm innocent" smile isn't fooling me one bit.

It turns out Kenny was trying to prevent me from getting the "treat" Dave so thoughtfully sent along.

Somewhere in the very distant past, I had an eTopps account and actually purchased a couple of cards. I'd long since forgotten about them and Topps is still kindly holding on to them for me I guess. Maybe I should look into that someday. Dave, thanks again for the extreme generosity!


  1. Ooo... I want that shiny Nolan... will trade you 3 Ian Kinsler commons for it... deal? Deal!