Friday, November 13, 2009

A trip to an actual card shop

I do not typically go to the card shop in my area. There used to be three and now there is only one. Unfortunately the one that is left is horribly overpriced. He typically prices stuff anywhere from 20 to 25 percent higher than you can get it online. And that is just the unopened stuff. Don't even ask about the singles. This guy may be the source of Beckett's pricing info.

I had $30 to spend and spent half on supplies and the rest on cards. Most of his packs are out of my price range, at least with such a limited budget. I picked out 3 hobby packs of 2009 O-Pee-Chee. Nothing really interesting to report there except all three of my black bordered cards were Rockies. Joy. I picked up one pack of 2008 Upper Deck Update because it was 50 cents and finished off my 30 bucks. No Rangers, so nothing in there I wanted. Just out of curiosity I spent the remaining money on 2 packs of 2004 Topps Chrome, one pack from each series. This what I got.

For starters, both packs tell you to "Look for First Year Autographed Cards!" Well, guess what, I looked and looked and didn't see any autographed cards. Of course, with 4 cards per pack and 8 cards total, it didn't take too long to be disappointed at the lack of autos.

Let's do Series One first, just for kicks.

#38 Todd Worrell
Notice where Mr. Worrell is pointing.

Both Cesar Izturis(#114) and Aubrey Huff(#187) seem to think they are going to catch that ball.

#34 Ramon Hernandez

The joke is on them because Ramon has had the ball all along!

Not much to celebrate in pack 1 so if any of you need any of these for your set or to use as a mirror, just say the word.

Series Two Pack

#343 Jose Valverde

#332 Kerry Wood

PP34 Refractor

That's more like it. I don't mind a historical card in a baseball set now and then as long as the companies don't overdo it. "But what about A&G?" Well, you know what you're getting into with A&G so you buy it or you don't and I bought it. Well, this card is done right. It looks great, I love the design even if there is a little too much white border. It doesn't hurt that it is a refractor and Uber shiny. Funny this is the second JFK card I've posted on here

#459 Ramon Santiago

So that's it. I do like the Chrome and may pick up the Rangers if I can find them. Until next time....


  1. The story of your shop makes me appreciate mine evey more! Unopened boxes are a tad expensive, but packs and supplies are WAY cheaper than online (supplies, anyway. Packs are about the same), and the owner laughs at Beckett's prices for singles. Everthing is AT LEAST half off book value, at most. He recently sold my dad $100 worth (BV) of '62 Topps for $20 bucks!! Needless to say, he has our business for life.

  2. Yeah, the local shop near me sells stuff high too, guess cause he's the only shop around!! He says they are typical "hobby" priced packs, but some of the stuff he's selling don't have a hobby version, as far as I know. The new Triple Play packs I get from Target for 99 cents, he is selling for $1.50! Everything tends towards at least $1-3 higher!

  3. This is going to give you some great reading material while at work tonight...