Monday, November 2, 2009

Playoff Pack Breaks 13

World Series Game 3: Yankees 8 Phillies 5
Yanks lead 2-1
This not the way I hoped things would go, but with Hamels you just don't know.

80 Ivan Rodriguez
Pudge looks out of place in an Astros uniform. It was nice to have him back in Arlington at the end of the season.

105 Evelyn Ng

34 Alexander Ovechkin mini
Two non-baseball players in one pack. At least he is an athlete.

15 Dick Allen
Old school Phillie. I like. Maybe that is a good omen for tomorrow.


  1. Old school is cool!! Phillies is even better!!

  2. New school Astros are better Richard, just accept this as a fact now and your life will be complete.