Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playoff Pack Breaks Part 15

Well, the Phillies have a little life left in them. I'm hoping Brett Myers and Cole Hamels can become buddies again and the rest of the Phillies hitters can catch some Utley mojo. Now, on with the Goodwin break.

Game 5: Yankees 6 Phillies 8

Yankees lead 3-2

49 Ryan Braun

I'm really starting to pull the doubles. Or maybe I've been pulling doubles. This thing is dragging out forever.

79 John Lackey

Ok, the collation is even bad. That is the second time I've pulled that pair in a pack.

125 Chris Johnson Gypsy Mini

I should get this on Ebay or better yet, Craigslist, and sell it as the "sick" hit it is....maybe I can get into a showdown with BadWax. You do know Johnson had a good day Sunday, right?

5 Albert Pujols

I think his skull even has muscles.

Not a bad pack, but this Playoff Pack Break is starting to beat me down. Hopefully we'll have two more, representing Phillies wins in game 6 and 7. Until next time...


  1. Where did the pictures go? Blogger ate them didn't they? I wanted to see that Chris Johnson mini.