Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are trade posts really that important and a slice of generosity from Beardy

Are trade posts really that important? Wait, I already asked that question in the post title.

What do you guys and ladies think?

I know some people don't post what they receive from their end of a trade. I get that. It takes time, scanners act up or don't exist (guilty). Some people post the day they get their stuff. Me, I like to wait a few months. Well, I don't like to wait and trust me, when I get caught up, I'll do a better job of posting as the packages arrive.

I think posting is important for me to do for a few of reasons.

First, I want to give my trading partners credit where credit is due. Most of the people I've been fortunate enough to trade with have been extremely generous. As I mentioned previously, many people often include extra cards in their trade packages. I know when I first started trading, before this blog was created, I tried to establish a good reputation for sending good packages. In a world where nobody knows you, it is important to make a good first impression. When my early trade partners posted the cards I sent, it showed other bloggers that I was a good trade partner (at least I hope it did!).

Second, I like reading other people's trade posts to see what kind of cards are moving around out there. Having been out of the hobby for 6 years, I see many cards I've never seen before.
Another reason is ego. I like seeing the cards I mailed out posted on someone's blog. I'm fairly new to all this so that may just be a rookie blogger/trader thing and might not be as important to some of you. If that isn't the case and there are others out there who like seeing their former cards on the blogosphere, then I want to get those posts up there for the world (or my 30 followers anyway) to see.

I'm just curious how you feel about posting trades and seeing your former cards on someone's blog.
Attention readers: Please put your tray tables in the upright position and stow all carry-ons at this time as we prepare for absolutely no segue to our next point. We may experience some turbulence.

One of the greatest examples of generosity among the bloggers is when someone posts some cards from a pack or box break and offers them up to anyone. Beardy did this back in September and didn't even ask for anything in return. You see that fairly frequently among the bloggers. Someone busts a box or pack and then just says first come, first served, nothing required in return. Often times it will be in the form of a contest...leave a comment, answer a question, etc. and get the contents of a box or blaster. Why do they do this you ask? Because they CAN! That's why.

Beardy sent me these cards in response to my comment on his Obak post.

These are two highly touted Rangers prospects from the Obak set. Neftali Feliz made a brief, but exciting splash with the big league club toward the end of the '09 season and Justin Smoak may get that shot in 2010. Beardy saved me some money as I didn't plan on buying any Obak.

Beardy added one more card to fill out the mailer.

This 2008 Upper Deck Timelines Josh Hamilton will find a nice home in my collection and is much appreciated.

As I said, Beardy didn't ask for any thing in return and paid for packing and mailing this little pack of Ranger goodness. I couldn't let this act of kindness go unpunished and did send him a few O's, but the point is, the generosity of our fellow bloggers is one of the highlights of being involved in this community. Thanks to everyone who has been more than generous to me, not only with cards, but also tips, advice and a little "virtual" camaraderie.


  1. I try to make trade posts but sometimes they slip by me. Often I do a whole bunch of posts for my blogs ahead of time and then schedule them to be released periodically. If a trade comes through during one of the "off times" then it sometimes gets missed. Trade posts are cool though and I should do a better job of making them.

  2. I always try to post all trades, for all of the reasons you cited. I even feel guilty when I lump several into one post, but it's necessary or I'll fall even more behind, and that won't be good.

  3. I also try to post all of my trades. Not because of guilt (Ok maybe) but because one of the main reasons I started my blog was for trading with other bloggers/ collectors. Posting trades gives transparency to what you send and receive, simple as that.

  4. I try to post all of my trades, mostly because I can't believe how generous everyone is! I sort of understand when people don't post my stuff - I feel like my stuff is never as awesome as what I'm getting. I guess that's what you're supposed to feel, but I started with a bunch of bad wax and filling someone's 1992 Topps needs for a patch feels kind of one sided to me.

    But I hope I'll get a lot more of my trades posted now that I have better cards to trade hahaha

  5. I love to post all my trades.... its fun and it gets the bloggers who traded with me out there.... Puts a spotlight on there blog and gets them known...

  6. Good points made by all. Thanks for the comments.

  7. Like others, I like to read how people react to what I send them and most people don't write a personal response to the trader about the trade (I'm guilty of that as well.) I also like to do the trade posts as a means to direct others to the trader's blog, especially when they are new.

  8. I'm still fairly new to the trading thing and the fact that I started right when I was moving has put a little bit of a kink in things so far. I like seeing the cards that I've sent out to other people on their blogs mostly so I can see what they think of them. I definitely want to starting posting trades as I get them in so the people sending me cards can see how much I'm enjoying them.

  9. I've got to admit the ego thing. I love seeing the hopefully good results of my end of a successful trade show up on someone's blog.