Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cards from '62...

Who among you doesn't want cards from 1962? I know I do so a while back I had a nice trade with Chris over at Project '62. It wasn't for 1962 Topps cards, but more Rangers for my team collection. What I sent: stuff that wasn't Rangers oriented. What he sent:

2003 Topps 205 Teixeira and Rodriguez: Ok, technically these meet my Rangers team collection needs, but BLEHHHH! Sorry, I had to swallow back a little....well, you know. The good news is I didn't have a single one of these cards and now I have two.

2009 Donruss Americana Steve Kanaly. Ok, this one got a laugh out of me. I'm from Dallas, he was on "Dallas", the TV Show. Funny Chris!

Here we have some nice shininess. A 2008 Topps Chrome Jarrod Saltalamacchia X-Fractor and a 2009 Topps Chrome Ian Kinsler refractor. Shiny is good!!

A couple of nice Ranger youngsters. A shiny 2009 Bowman Chrome Neftali Feliz and a 2009 Obak Justin Smoak.

With these two fine 1978 Topps Rangers, I only need about 718 cards to finish the set!! I'm almost there Troll!!! Or not.

Nice. I just posted a 1973 Pete Bromberg I got from Stats-on-the-Back. Who would have thought I would have any doubles of 1973 Rangers...ever? Chris also threw in another fine 1975 Topps for my Rangers collection. Dave Nelson. I was going to comment on the cartoon on the back of the Nelson card, but I'll let NightOwl do that on his 1975 Topps Blog. Only 402 more posts until he gets to Nelson.

My first thought when I saw this 1972 Topps Ted Kubiak card was that I didn't realize Topps put non-baseball subjects in the 1972 set. I thought this guy must be a movie star or california boy surfer. But no, he was a bona fide big leaguer. He did have ONLY 2447 at bats over a 10 year career, but that is more than I had....2447 more. He spent only a portion of one season with the Rangers getting 116 at bats before being traded to Oakland on July 20, 1972.

Chris was also kind enough to send over 7 2009 A&G minis and a handful of regular 2009 A%G cards I needed. He also included about 30 other various Rangers. Thanks so much for the trade Chris and I hope we can pull off another deal in the future.


  1. Without even looking at the back of my own Dave Nelson card, I know the cartoon is about the Dodgers' switch-hitting infield in the 1960s (*checks to see if he's right ---- he is!*)

    Also, Ted Kubiak was just in my town. He was interviewed on TV. I also interviewed him once.

  2. I'll start a pile for next time.

  3. Night Owl--I know you KNOW your cards, but how on earth did you remember that? What is Ted doing now that warrants him being interviewed?

    Chris--looking forward to another deal.

  4. The Nelson card is one of the originals from my first year of collecting. I have those cards memorized front and back.

    Kubiak used to manage here. He was back in town for some reason -- my guess is because it's hunting season here. He didn't warrant an interview, but the TV sports broadcaster here is a hack to the highest degree.

  5. Night Owl-We have a couple TV guys like that around here.