Thursday, November 12, 2009

Troll Trade Goodness

The kind soul known as the Collective Troll and I have pulled off a few trades since I discovered this wonderful world of card blogs. If the Troll isn't on your blogroll, you need to stop reading this post and go correct that error. He has helped me make it through many a long, slow night with his lengthy posts. His passion for the Rays (provided they stop acting like the Pirates) is amazing.

Back on October 8th, he did his part to keep the Post Office in the black by shipping me a package. I happily ripped open that package and found nearly 70 cards, mostly Rangers, but also a "play at the plate" card and one Samuel Morse A&G mini. I took pics of just a handful of cards, but rest assured the package was received with much greatfullness. Here are a few of the cards Troll man sent my way.

How about a few very early 80s Rangers. Mickey Rivers had a really nice year in 1980 for the Rangers. He scored 96 runs and had 210 hits for a .333 batting average. If you haven't heard Mickey Rivers talk lately, see if you can find an interview on You Tube. It is funny and sad at the same time. Everyone loves Bucky "F'ing" Dent, right?

This next guy was my first ever favorite Ranger. He never had great numbers, but he was a really good catcher. He won multiple Gold Gloves, was in a couple of All-Star games and led the league in assists many times.

I was happy t0 see a good deal of Heritage in the package. Troll sent out 2007, 2008 and 2009 Heritage cards. I had a few 2008 Heritage cards from a discounted blaster, but I needed every single one he sent.

2007 Heritage

2008 Heritage

The last card is one that was posted in a Trade Bait Post by the Troll. I wanted it for my son so it was the starting point for the deal. My son isn't jaded enough to think all relic cards are a waste of card stock and he loves the good ol' US of A. This Conor Jackson was a big hit when it arrived. He thought it was funny that they would put a guys pants on a card.

Many other cards were in the package, from '82 Fleer to '08 Topps Updates and Highlights. Thanks Troll for a nice deal and a bunch of Ranger goodness. I'll get those other trades posted eventually.


  1. It is an honor and a privelige to be included in a trade post with pictures on your fine blog my friend! Things are getting thin in my tradable cards, but the Heritage cards can always bail out a boring trade, I still have over 3,000! Cheers!

  2. When I see mid 80s cards I get butterflies in my stomach. Too funny, and I love it.

    And Brian, were you the same guy who sent me a Bill Hall swatch card? If so, I need your address so I can send something Rangersy back your way!

  3. nothing but good things ever come from the Troll!!

  4. Collective Troll... second best blog name in my opinion...