Monday, November 2, 2009

Yanks Blow the Lidge Off Philly

I don't really have much to say about Game 4. You either saw it or read about it on a better source than my humble little blog. I just thought of that headline as I listened to Brad Lidge implode on my way to work. I thought the headline was clever, but the more I read it, the queasier I get at the thought of ARod getting a World Series ring.

I'm imagining that headline on the back of a 1975 Topps card:

Yanks Blow the
Lidge Off Philly

Would that headline violate the rules for headlines Night Owl?

If you haven't checked out Night Owls' 1975 Topps Blog you should. You'll get his take on Headline gaffes, wacky color schemes and much more on one of the more colorful sets ever made. I would love to be half the writer and editor the Owl is...a guy can dream right?


  1. Eh, your headline was better than what I came up with tonight.

    (And yes, the way you configured the headline would violate headline rules -- no ending top lines of headlines with prepositions, adjectives or articles (like "the"))