Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Blogger quandry and another trade post

I like having the ability to schedule posts. It's nice to be able to write up a couple of posts when I have time and schedule one to run later. Last night I did just that, but when you don't know what you're doing you make mistakes. I started the post on the 13th, but didn't finish until after midnight. I scheduled it to post at about 9:00 AM this morning. The problem is, I didn't change the date and it posted immediately. So it showed it as posting something like 22 hours ago and buried it way down the list on blogrolls. Not that big a deal, but not everyone is going to go back that far to look for new postings. I know you want to read it so you can find it here if you missed it. Live and learn I guess. Now on to more important business.

Back in September, I was perusing the blogs and read this post by Adam over at Thoughts and Sox. He had some 2009 O-Pee-Chee up for trade and I had almost none of those at that point. I just asked for any Rangers and we agreed to a Rangers for Red Sox swap. Here are just a few of the cards I received from Adam.

If you've never heard of Kazuo Fukumori, you're not alone. This 2008 Topps card was a mild surprise. I watched quite a few games in 2008 and never heard of Kaz. He only pitched in 4 games with an unimpressive stat line. Four innings pitched, 11 hits, 9 earned runs, 4 walks and 1 strikeout. Oh yeah, an ERA of 20.25. He didn't pitch in any games in 2009 and was released on June 13th so he could sign with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of the Japanese Baseball League. Now you know more than you ever wanted too.

This is one of those fine O-Pee-Chee specimens Adam sent me. I wasn't a big fan of Padilla's attitude when he was a Ranger. He looks like he's trying to decide if he's tired of being in the game and wants to hit the batter. I WAS hoping he'd pitch well for the Dodgers and he did, just not in the last game of the Dodger's season.

Here we have a couple of 2008 models I needed. I've purchased a few discounted '08 Goudeys, but didn't pull the Hamilton. I did not buy any '08 Ginter--hey I was out of the hobby then--so I really needed the Hamilton. These are begging for the TTM treatment.

This 2006 Bazooka Cartoon of Mark Teixeira was a complete surprise. I never saw any of this product and this is an interesting card--if you can call it a card. It is paper thin. I'm not a fan of Tex in any way, but he was a Ranger so Team Collector Law clearly mandates that I collect all Teixeira's cards provided he was a Ranger when they were issued. The funny thing about this card is the kid's reaction when the teacher uses baseball to as a teaching tool. I used to be a teacher-4 years in a 6th grade classroom. No, not as a student! I used baseball, football and basketball to teach math all the time. I probably gave away 10,000 cards over the course of my brief teaching career. The kids loved it. I wonder if any of them started collecting cards?

Adam included another 10 or 12 cards, most of which I didn't have yet Adam, thanks for the cards. I hope we can pull off another deal someday.


  1. Well, here I am looking some 3-years back in posts!!

  2. Don't know if I'll beat Ricahrd at this point... he seems pretty dedicated...