Friday, November 27, 2009

Night Owl Niceties

Night Owl has a collection of cards that spans the decades. I don't know how many cards he has, but he has a little of everything I think. Here we have a trade package he sent me back on August 20th, which would be one of the first I ever received.

I love getting new cards I don't have like this one.

We all know this isn't a great card. As far as cards go the 2009 Topps Gold parallels are nice for team/player collectors, but they're really just another gimmick. But, I love them. I want all of the Rangers who have a gold parallel. I even like to have multiples of the numbered cards just because I'm a little nuts. Who needs multiple copies of Greg Olson's 2009 Topps Gold Card? I do! And since this is my first, I'm looking for more! Besides, he looks like he's really confused that he even has a parallel. Poor guy.

You can count on Night Owl throwing some older cards in your trade package too. I know this 1996 Upper Deck card isn't "old", but when I say older, I'm talking about 80s and 90s stuff. We all love vintage, but older is good too. When it's a Ranger Play at the Plate card, that's just icing on the cake. Helmet off, dirt flying...very nice!

This 1994 Stadium Club Manual Lee card is interesting. I think he's looking into the future and seeing that next season will be his last and he's a little sad. He did play one game for the Cardinals in 1995 and his batting average for 1995 was 1.000. That's right 1 game, 1 at bat and 1 hit. I think he wanted to go out a winner! I got to see him play a few times in 1994, but I don't remember any spectacular.

Oh my goodness!! Chris Carpenter pitched for the Rangers?! How could I have missed that? Because it's not the "I should have won the Cy Young in 2009" Chris Carpenter. It's the "there's no H in Cris" Cris Carpenter. His career was finished the year before the GOOD Chris came along. This Cris was traded to the Rangers on July 17, 1993 by the Marlins for Robb Nen and Kurt Miller. I remember being upset that the Rangers traded Nen. Cris pitched in 74 games for the Rangers in 1993-1994, going 6-6 in 91 innings.

Poor Kevin Belcher. First, there's the BIG glasses. Too bad he came along before LASIK. I wonder how many of today's players have had eye surgery. Kevin managed to get into 16 games for the Rangers in 1990 going 2-15 with 6 strikeouts. He scored 4 runs...what I would give to play in 16 major league games and cross that plate even once!

1985 Topps Danny Darwin. This was Danny's last full year in Texas (he had a 7 game stint to finish out the 95 season). Danny was one of those middle of the road guys. In 21 big leagues seasons, he posted double digit wins only 5 times with a high of 15 in 1993 (Red Sox). He pitched for 9 different teams. His numbers reflect a long career. His record was 171-182, career ERA of 3.84 with a little over 3000 IP and 1942 strikouts. During his last 8 seasons, he only had an ERA under 4.13 once (3.02). He did manage to mix 32 saves in along the way.

1982 Donruss Buddy Bell. Buddy was one of my favorites when I first got into baseball. It wasn't until I got my first Buddy Bell card that I realized he had played for the Indians before he came to the Rangers and I was a little hurt. I was more than a little hurt when he was traded to the Reds in 1985. Buddy won 6 Gold Gloves, all as a Ranger, between 1979-1984.

Lastly we have some cards to fill a need.

Thanks Night Owl! I appreciate the blasts from the past!


  1. I actually had no idea that Cris (not Chris) played for Texas. I lost track of him after the Marlins grabbed him in the expansion draft, though my interest in baseball waned for awhile in the mid-90s.

  2. Brian, I did have a good Thanksgiving. Thank you. I hope that your was equally enjoyful.

  3. Trying to catch up here. I have no memory of sending these cards. I think that means I'm way too busy.

  4. Not your fault Night Owl, that was way back on August 20th...I'm still playing catch up with my trades.

  5. Bell looks like he's going after the pitcher with the bat!!