Monday, November 9, 2009

2007 Ultimate Case Break by the Saint

It's my turn to post my haul from the 2007 Ultimate Case Break recently held by Saints of the Cheap Seats. This was the first time I've participated in a high-end break. I have to say I wasn't disappointed, but I think that depends on the hit you end up with in your package. I didn't get the hit of the case, but I didn't do to shabby. I had two spots in the break and ended up with the following cards.

Collecting the Texas Rangers has it's ups and downs. The Rangers had Sosa in the early years and got him back late in his career. Considering how few base cards come in a case, I'll consider myself lucky to have any Rangers at all out of the case.

The Hunter Pence auto is nice. As a few other people have pointed out, the sticker autos on these cards aren't bad. I'm not a fan of the sticker auto in general, but if it is incorporated into the design the right way, it works. Too often they just get slapped on without any thought which leads to much malignment on the blogosphere.

The design on the Andy Van Slyke isn't bad, but there is too much wasted space. The sticker auto really fits into the design well.

I can let the plain gray swatch on the Rod Carew card go for two reasons. One, it's not white and two, it's Rod Carew. I enjoyed watching him play when I was younger and always put his cards in a binder.

By far my favorite card from the break is this Ultimate Ensemble Swatches 3 card. It is #37/50 and has Joe Mauer (on my player collection list), Victor Martinez and Jorge Posada. I love the fact that the swatches are blue, dark red and white with an almost pinstripe. You definitely don't want to get one of these with 3 white swatches. The fact that catchers are my favorites is a bonus and this one fits in well with my collecting goals.

Many thanks to the Saints for doing the break. If you watched the break videos then you know a little bit about how hard that must be to coordinate. I'm looking forward to another break somewhere down the road.


  1. Those are some beauties! I think Hunter Pence will continue to get better and you can't go wrong with anything Joe Mauer.

  2. Nice stuff! I hope Upper deck doesn't decide to make legends cards of Sosa next year using this picture!

  3. the Mauer is real cool!! And I guess it is reallllllly too late to get in this break now!!

  4. Certainly you still have that Pence auto... I'll trade for that as well... 42 Ruben Sierra commons... deal!