Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spousal support

If that post title doesn't get your attention I don't know what will. Now that baseball is over until Spring Training and the companies aren't releasing a new baseball product every week, I'm trying to turn my attention to getting some wantlists together and trading (ok, I've been doing the trading part). Reading some other bloggers posts about trimming back their collections or trying to limit themselves to team, player or set collecting, I started wondering about how much your spouse or significant other affects your collecting habits.

I had issues in the past with my wife and my collecting, but that was a money thing, not the collection itself. Now, instead of busting everything and breaking the bank, I'm more selective and on a budget. My wife is okay with that as long as I stay within the budget. And I don't leave the cards laying all over the office.

How does your spouse/significant other treat your collection? Is it just your thing and she stays out of it altogether? Is it a nuisance or is she glad you have a hobby to pursue? Is budget a primary concern or no big deal? I'm not trying to get into your financial business, just curious about the way they influence your collecting habits. My wife would never buy me cards, out of the blue or for birthday/Christmas etc. She doesn't care what cards I "pull" or get in a trade. She was reluctant to even let my oldest son get involved, but didn't put up to much resistance when he showed interest.

**Note** I'm not discriminating against the lady collectors out there by saying wife/she throughout the post. I just happen to be a guy married to a lady. Don't take offense, I'm interested in your opinion just as much as the guy's opinions. And if you're single, enjoy the hobby unrestricted by the influence of others while you can!!


  1. We've set some ground rules for around the house. I need to keep things neatly within binders or boxes, and only bring those things from the office/basement when necessary to have in the main living areas of the house in order to keep down on card clutter.

    I think in terms of the hobby itself, she's mostly supportive. She doesn't understand why I spend money on it (who does really?), but she does know to stop at the card aisle when we're at Target. I've definitely got to use my big-boy allowance to buy cards, so there's no dipping into money other than that each month.

    As for the trimming back the collection idea . . . I posted on another post recently that I'm seriously considering tossing my 1988-1992 Topps dups. I have complete sets that I collected form that era and see no reason to keep 500+ dups as well.

  2. My girlfriend would never buy me cards either, and things it's a pretty lame hobby. I just kind of keep my binders and boxes off to the side and do the main trade pull/picture taking work when she's not around. I can get her to occasionally check out a card or something if I want to show her how ridiculous a guy looks or something. But generally she doesn't get what I see in the hobby.

  3. My wife is very supportive of my hobby. She takes an interest in it and likes to see new cards that come in as well as cards from my collection that I want to show her. She has even picked up a few cards of her own here and there for a collection of her own.

    I had girlfriends prior to this who were not supportive of my hobbies and they were big reasons why I didn't stay with them. I'm very thankful that my wife is as supportive and accepting as she is.

    I am definitely collecting on a budget these days. A lot of money that I put into the hobby comes from cards I've sold on eBay or I'm also enjoying getting into trading to get rid of some of my extra cards and turn them into cards that I want.

  4. My wife has no interest in my hobby but she respects that it is what I am interested in and is happy that I take an interest in something.

    She has a hard time buying cards for me because the card aisle for her is like the women's clothing department for me -- a place of confusion and fear. But she tries periodically and I love her for it.

    I probably have more cards around than she cares for. There's talk of getting my own desk for my cards, which would make me quite happy.

  5. General indifference is how I'd describe my wife's feelings about my hobby. We have seperate "spending money" accounts so she doesn't care what I spend, so long as it doesn't dip into the bill pay or savings accts! She'll take particular interest in nice relics/autos of Yankees and any sets I'm going after since I'm passing them all on to my soon-to-be-born son, but random cheapy relics and packs mean nothing to her.

    As for space, I have my own 'wall' in the giant walk-in closet in our guest bedroom. It's quite a bit of space, and I'm 'free' to use it however I'd like. She keeps her stuff contained, too, so I've got no complaints - especially since I've been allowed to decorate said guest room with retro themed sports memorabilia.

  6. my wife tolerates my "collections" as long as they don't clutter up "her" house!! LOL

  7. My wife is indifferent about me collecting again. It can be a challenge to justify spending hours at a time in the office working on blog posts, but as I can sort in the living room with her present it doesn't seem like such a time-suck. She even lets me sneak a pack or two of the latest product into the shopping cart when we get groceries (and I feel like a 10-year-old again). She knows I need a hobby.

  8. All the things that I said then still apply except that I now have a card desk that makes both of us very happy.