Friday, November 27, 2009

Wicked Friday!

Although I just got this trade package on November 9th, this post is long overdue. The first trade package I got from Wicked Ortega is somewhere at the bottom of the trade package pile, so I'm posting this one now. Wicked either has an incredible collection (I know this is true) or he frequently picks up trade bait for others (also true). If you read any blogs at all you see frequent trade posts indicating both his generosity and willingness to get you cards you're going to love. The people at the post office must hate him because he sends so many packages. I'll tell them the same thing I tell the postal employees at my local post office--You're losing money hand over fist, don't roll your eyes because I've got 8 little packages for you to weigh!! Ok, I don't really say that out loud because I don't want my packages to "get lost", but I think it...and boy does that help.

Wow, where did that come from?! Let's pick up with our current post already in progress. Here is what the Wicked One sent me this time.

Thes look like the 2009 Topps Walmart Blaster Black versions that had everyone in a tizzy. I got a few of these, but not one Ranger was among them, so it's nice to have them now.

Seriously, stop already. Just take action shots of Michael. He either doesn't like your photographer or has Chandler face when he gets his photo taken. Don't act like you don't remember that episode of Friends when Chandler....oh never mind. Yea, I watched them all.

Gotta love that old-school catcher's gear. No body armor like they wear today. Johnny Bench was great and is definitely on my all-time favorites list.

A couple of newbies to my collection. Pudge as a Detroit Tiger (blech!!). Still, they're Pudge cards so I like them.

Yet another player on my favorite player list. Congrats Mr. Joe Mauer, MVP!

Here is one of the key parts of the trade. My first Pudge Marlins relic. This one is even numbered 139/200 so sorry all you other people that can't have it. Like you care, but I do! Thanks WO!

This is my second most favorite card of the trade. A TTM from Bobby Witt that Wicked was kind enough to share with me! AWESOME!!

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite, a 1992 Fleer Dean Palmer that WO got signed TTM. He had a post about getting some TTMs from Dean that inspired a post of my own about meeting Dean years ago and the next thing I know, one of his TTMs arrives in the mailbox. Thanks for being so generous Wicked!! I should have your package in the mail by Monday at the latest. I look forward to many more Wicked trades!


  1. No runs, no drips, no errors... I think of this every time I see Bench!!

  2. Dean Palmer. Former fantasy league player. Didn't help me much.