Monday, November 30, 2009

A Four Pack from a Shot Not Taken

Back in October, I sent a few of my non-essential relic cards to Raymond over at Shot Not Taken for a 4 pack of Ranger goodness. Essentially, I sent over 2 Mets jersey cards, a Mavericks jersey card, and two Wrestling? event worn relics....I think I pulled those out of Americana. Here is what I got in return.

2005 Just Minors Nelson Cruz Silver #81/200
Nelson will always be part of a special memory for me. His 2009 Topps card was the first card out of my son's first ever pack of cards.

2008 Just Minors Chris Davis Gold #51/100

2008 Just Minors Chris Davis Auto

I hope this turns out to be a good card to have...that depends on Chris I suppose.

1999 Pacific Omega Jeff Zimmerman #130/299

Jeff was a like a shooting star. In his rookie season (1999) he went 9-3 in 87 IP with a 2.36 ERA and made the All-Star team. He tied a record winning the first 9 decisions of his career. 2000 was a down year, but he bounced back in 2001 to go 4-4 with 28 saves and a 2.40 ERA. A series of injures led to two different Tommy John surgeries and he has not pitched in a major league game since 2001. Jeff officially retired in 2006, but signed a minor league deal with Seattle in April of 2009.

Raymond, thanks for the trade and bringing back the memories of the flash that was Jeff Zimmerman.


  1. Nice cards. I have never purchased a pack of Just. I bought a few cards off of checkoutmycards and they look good. Those are no exception.