Friday, November 20, 2009

2006 Topps Turkey Red Blaster Break

I was a little surprised when I strolled by the card aisle at the local Wal-Mart and saw this.

Ok, I didn't just stroll by the aisle. I've learned that other people, unscrupulous cheaters that they are, will sometimes hide a good blaster behind other blasters. Now, I don't know how good this blaster is, but I really enjoy some of the discounted blasters I've opened. I've bought 4 or 5 discounted 2008 Stadium Club blasters and been happy with every one.

As you can see, this blaster had 7 packs plus the world famous bonus pack. At least it was a real pack and not some two card junk pack. Each pack had 8 cards for a grand total of 64 cards. I'm not going to do this pack by pack. Just the highlights. So let's see what I pulled.

Only two Rangers made an appearance. Kameron Loe and Ian Kinsler. They will make fine additions to the team collection.

I pulled four of the "old-timers". Jim Palmer, Gary Carter, Cal Ripken Jr. and Tom Seaver. I really like the Seaver card. These are probably my favorites out of the whole box.

I pulled 8 of the Red bordered cards. It doesn't say on the box, but I'll assume you get one per pack. Here we have Tom Glavine and Bobby Abreu.

Continuing on with the meh factor, we have Aaron Hill and Clint Barmes.

White Soxers outlined in red, Joe Crede and Tadahito Iguchi.

The best of the red bordered cards is Nick Markakis who showed up with fellow Oriole Daniel Cabrera.

Two white bordered parallels were hibernating in the box and with a ration of 1:4 packs that is what I would have expected. The culprits were Matt Clement and Andruw Jones.

Black bordered parallels fall 1:20 packs so I beat the odds a little on this one. Unfortunately the great card collator in the sky saw fit for my "winner" to be another White Sox player, Brian Anderson.
So that's it. No Gold parallels (1:60), no relics/autos (combined odds 1:43) and no sick mojo. Not that sick is an overused word or anything. However I did enjoy the box and would pick up another one at the discounted price if I could find one. I'm leaning toward trying to collect these, but if I change my mind I'll list them to see if anyone needs any for their collections.


  1. If you change your mind, let me know. I'm always up for unwanted Turkey Red cards...

  2. My wally world(s) no longer have any baseball blasters! Discounted or otherwise...