Thursday, November 19, 2009

A short post with an old school contest included

I love discounted blasters. Just love 'em. I picked up this from Wallyworld a couple of days ago.

Topps Turkey Red ala 2006. I may have one or two of these cards that I've acquired in trades, but this is the first time I've ever had any to open. This is going to be fun. But, I'm not opening it yet. And no, this isn't what the contest is about.

I found this on Ebay today. That is a whole lotta unopened goodness right there. I really want it for Christmas so if anyone has won the lottery feel free to share a little of that blessing with a fellow blogger.

I know you didn't click on this post to read about my Christmas wish list and even though some of you want those 2006 Turkey Reds, that isn't why you're here either. Nothing draws hits like the word "contest". I mentioned previously about going back to the card shop and buying the packs of 2004 Topps Chrome. I also mentioned buying 5 packs of something else.

Those 5 packs were crisp, clean, unopened 1991 Stadium Club Series 2. I opened one pack and got a couple of decent cards. I'm going to give the other 4 packs away to one of you fine people.

I got these out of the half-price bin at the card shop. I'll also throw in a batch of cards from your favorite team.

I love ANY contest, but I know the easier they are, the more people will enter so I'll make this one fairly simple, although you may need a calculator. All you have to do is guess the total of the card numbers of the cards from the pack I opened. For example, I may have pulled card 337, 439, 501, etc. Add up the 12 card numbers that might appear on series two cards and enter your answer in the comment section. I opened only one pack with 12 cards. Remember, it is series two so that includes cards numbers 301-600. The person closest to the number will win the cards. Confused yet? I hope not. Good luck. I'll run the contest until Sunday night and then I'll announce the winner and post the cards from the pack I pulled. I'll also post the cards from the TR blaster soon.


  1. I will guess 5,400. That's halfway between hahaha.

  2. I will go with 4,567. Thanks for the contest!

  3. I'll try 5770, the current year in the Jewish calendar. Thanks for the contest!

  4. 5, the way, I am super jealous that you found a half-price blaster of Turkey Red, especially 2006 because they feature the grey borders (I couldn't stand those brown ones). My Wal-Mart has nothing but regular Topps. *shakes fist*

  5. oh man, I'm extremely jealous of your 2006 Turkey Red find. I think I might have to head to the Crap-Mart this weekend just in case.

    oh, and I guess 5406.

  6. That Turkey Red Blaster was the ONLY one and was hidden way in the back.

  7. I think everybody is high... and their guesses aren't right either!!