Monday, November 23, 2009

The Troll Man--Our first Trade

This one goes all the way back to August 14th. If you've noticed, the Collective Troll is MIA, but he has touched base with Wicked Ortega so we know he's out there....watching, always watching. Troll, hope everything is ok with you. Back in my very early trades I was seeking 09 A&G Minis. (I still am) Troll sent me some of those and a few Rangers goodies as well.

Here are the minis. Notice the nice Michael Phelps on the bottom right. Not a bong anywhere to be seen.

I think we need a new rule: All Michael Young cards should show him in action. Check out Night Owl's blog if think I'm kidding.

This one's not too bad and is my favorite card of the trade (next to the minis). It looks like the sun just exploded over his right shoulder, but that is my bad photography.

These were a surprise. I'd never seen these before and I like them for that very reason. They are 1987 Donruss Opening Day Rangers. Thanks for giving me something new to look at Troll.

1982 Topps. More cards that take me back to my early collecting days. This is what we had to look forward to during my second year in the hobby at the ripe old age of 12. Pre-price guide and when the trades were flying. I miss those days....but the blogosphere has brought that back to a certain degree.

I saved this one for last. It made me think of Beardy. I don't know why.
There were another 35 Rangers plus a few regular A&Gs in the package as well.
Troll, thanks for the nice trade...I've still got one or two more to post from you!


  1. Nice looking lot of Rangers. Gotta love the Jim Kern. That look fits what he was like exactly.

  2. Kern should be a truck driver with that mug!!

  3. I've seen that Kern card on your blog a couple of times. Of course, I've shown the '75 Ron Cey card about a dozen times.