Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chase Utley Fail

Do you realize that Chase Utley, 2009 World Series version, has had 18 at bats through 5 games. He has 5 homeruns in those 18 at bats. That means he has had 13 other at bats without a homerun! What is up with that? Does he think he's Ryan Howard in those other at bats?

Seriously though, Chase Utley gets my vote for MVP, whether the Phillies win or lose the World Series. According to Baseball-Almanac.com, "Bobby Richardson (1960 World Series) is the only recipient who has won the World Series Most Valuable Player Award while playing on the losing team. If you include the Babe Ruth Award variation of the World Series Most Valuable Player then Luis Tiant (1975 World Series) would also be part of the unique "club"." I'd like to see those two guys keep that distinction and have Utley be the first Phillie since Cole Hamels way back in 2008 to win the MVP for a World Series winner.

Cliff Lee (pitching on 3 days rest) would have to get 3 wins for the Phillies to win the Series and would deserve considerationi for MVP honors, but I have to think Utley is going to be a huge part of the next game or two and will be providing the bulk of the offense if this thing goes 7 games.

So far in this series, Utley is 6-18, with 1 double, 5 homers, 6 runs scored, 8 runs batted in, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts, 1 stolen base and only 1 runner left on base. He tied Mr. October, Reginald Martinez Jackson (you may have heard of him), with 5 homeruns in one World Series...does that make him Mr. November? He's only the second player with 2 multi-homerun games in one World Series, joining Willie Aiken from the 1980 Kansas City Royals. I'm hoping Jayson Werth joins that group in Game 6. Utley now has 7 homeruns in only 10 World Series Games and needs just one more homerun to be in the top 10 World Series homerun hitters of all-time. ALL-FREAKIN'-TIME!

Having said all that, I'm not a huge Utley or Phillie fan. Just a concerned citizen of these United States hoping the Phillies can prevent a National (Pastime) tragedy.


  1. Schweet swatch!! Loving Utley, the first jersey I've ever bought was ye ole #26!! I may have to find one of these cards...

  2. Utley, smutley... I can't stand Utley...