Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rangers for Rangers from Big D

I ran across a nice blog from my neck of the woods, Hey, That's Mine. Derek is a fellow Rangers collector, but has two, no now three of his kids collecting too. I was really intrigued by that and sent him some cards from his player/team collections and also loaded up his kids with some cards. Anything I can do to encourage the next generation to start collecting, I'm there. I think Derek and I have sent more cards for the kids than the adults. And that is fine with me! Here are a few of the cards Derek sent for little old me.

An assortment of 2001 Donruss Studio cards. Rusty Greer is on my favorite Ranger list. Gabe Kapler was a fan favorite during his time with the Rangers. I've never heard him mentioned in the steroid talk, he appears to be gifted genetically and works out religiously. Ken Caminiti had a history of substance abuse and was mentioned in the Mitchell Report. Every young player should have to take a good look at Ken's life to see what can happen if you stray into the dark world of drugs.

I think this is a 2004 Donruss Playoff World Series Michael Young card. It is a little confusing with all the info on the back. As a Rangers fan, I don't want to see my team on a "World Series" card until they've earned it. Still, I like the card and there were several others in the package.

More Will Clarks for the player collection. I didn't have either one of these. The 2008 Donruss Threads has a lot of wasted space, but I like how they incorporated the baseballs into the design. The 2001 Pacific Will Clark in Cards uni is great. I didn't have any card from the time Will was with the Cards. Very nice, but it looks odd to see him in that uni.

Derek included 38 other Rangers cards, 3 Play at the Plate cards (which I plan on featuring later) and....

...35 cards for my son. That is really great Derek. He gets more excited at trade packages than I do if that is possible. I'm looking forward to more backyard trades!


  1. Glad you and your son liked the cards. I'm sure I've got quite a few more Ranger doubles I can pull for you again soon.

  2. I'm a sucker for the baseball designs (Donruss Threads)

  3. I miss the custom cards Big D made. A couple of those he made for me are my all-time favorites.