Monday, November 30, 2009

You think you've got redemption problems?

If I had pulled a Cat Osterman auto redemption from 2009 A&G only to be told "sorry, can't help ya", I'd be ticked. Imagine if you will then, how thrilled I was to find these bad boys.

2001-2002 Bowman Hockey Mike Comrie Autographed Hockey Puck
EXPIRED 5/30/03

2002 SPX Hockey Rookie Redemption Montreal Canadiens
EXPIRED 4/30/05

2002 Donruss Elite Football "Turn of the Century Autographs" Card #131 Demontray Carter
EXPIRED 1/1/04

2002 Fleer Maximum Alex Rodriguez Maximum Power Game Used Bat Card
EXPIRED 4/30/03
Explain to me why you need a redemption for a bat card. Really Fleer?

2002 Upper Deck Authentics Authenticated Memorabilia Dave Winfield signed 5x7 picture
EXPIRED 3/21/03
These were inserted every 108 packs.

2002 Upper Deck Authentics Authenticated Memorabilia Ken Griffey Jr. signed baseball.
EXPIRED 3/21/03

This is the one I most regret not redeeming.
I found all these redemption cards while going back through a couple of old 32oo count boxes I had in my garage. I had a good laugh until I saw the Griffey Jr. ball redemption. That is one I wish I had sent in. I may be the reason redemption cards have expiration dates. No one could reasonably expect these to be honored (even if the company is still in business). Of course, we all expect CURRENT redemption cards to be honored with the person represented on the card.
Or maybe that's just me.


  1. Ouch! That unredeemed Ken Griffey Jr. autographed ball breaks my heart. I'm slightly less upset about the Demontray Carter.

  2. Bud, where are you? I've got Mariners!!!!!!!

  3. Never had any redemption problems, actually received a bunch of glavines recently...happy blog birthday !

  4. Still can't get rid of my Mariners.