Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Contest Results

We have a winner in the 1991 Stadium Club pack break contest. The winner only missed by 30, while the greatest margin was 2531! The 12 card pack gave up the following cards.
The first card out of the pack was the best one.

Cal Ripken, Orioles--430
I always liked how they showed the player's rookie card on the back.

Sid Bream, Braves--427

Jose Offerman, Dodgers--340

Ernie Riles, Athletics--432

Russ Swan, Mariners--577

Tim Burke, Expos--514

Roger Clemens, Red Sox--309

Wally Backman, Phillies--368

Matt Young, Red Sox--426

Hubie Brooks, Mets--325

Brian McRae, Royals--478

This is the closest I came to pulling a Ranger out of the pack. Jeff Huson in what was obviously an exciting (yawn) play with Brian McRae.

Tom Candiotti, Indians--405

That's a total of 5031 so Bud over at First Day Issue wins with a guess of 5001. Great guess Bud. This is the second contest in a row that Bud has won! Bud, I'll get your prize pack out in a couple of days.


  1. I just found a stack of 1992 Stadium Club cards, and agree, the rookie cards on the back are cool. I actually had no idea what Topps Debut was/is and still don't.

    I'm looking at collating the 1992 set and then may also give the 91 and 93 sets a go. Did you collect these?

  2. Hot damn I'm on a roll! I think I need to make a trip to Vegas soon. Thanks again Brian!