Friday, November 20, 2009

Barrel full of Rangers

September seemed to bring a lot of trade packages my way. I was trying to get "established" as a good trader and make a few good contacts with bloggers out there in the baseball card blogosphere. I contacted Ed over at Roll Out the Barrel about some cards I had for his wantlists and a 2008 Sweet Spot card he might like. This is what I sent him and this is what he sent me.

A couple of nice Ranger O-Crap-We're-Going-To-Get-Sued-Pee-Chee cards. That team checklist is going to make it's way to my header when I get around to redesigning the blog. I needed the black bordered Hamilton for the team collection.

I had never seen the 1988 Topps Minis?? before and I have since received several others in the mail as well. They will make their way into a trade post before long. That 2009 Bowman Josh Hamilton is nice. I didn't buy any Bowman this year.

This is a nice 2009 Topps Chrome XFractor Michael Young. Needed it. Got it.

Here we have a trio of Joe Mauers for the player collection. I needed all three.

Ah, a much needed group of 2009 A&G minis. I have finally decided that collecting these is pure insanity. No one in their right mind is going to try to collect the entire mini set. Then again, I've never claimed to be sane so I think I'll keep trying. This batch had 10 regular/ad back minis and a couple of the black bordered variety.

Upon closer inspection, you'll notice the Mariel Zagunis mini is a Bazooka back #16/25. Now I need the certified auto and material card to go along with these.

I know a lot of people save the best card/cards for the finale of their trade posts. Obviously the Zagunis would be the best card I received, but there were also 32 additional Rangers and there were these cards:

Ed sent the 178 cards on the right for my son who is collecting the 2009 Topps set. We are still working on his wantlists and thanks to those who have said they will send him some cards when we get the list done. We should have the list soon.

Ed, thanks for the great cards. Hopefully we can pull off another trade before long.


  1. What are you talking about? Chad Billingsley is last. That's the best card in the post!

  2. that Michael Young still isn't as sweet as the one your boy gave you for your service!!