Saturday, October 16, 2010

You have to finish the job

The Rangers blew it last night.

Big time.

Josh Hamilton punched CC Sabathia in the face with that 3 run homer in the first inning. Michael Young rubbed salt in the wound with his 2 run double in the 4th. CC went to the bench licking his wounds.

Two plays sealed the deal in the Yankees win though. The lucky bounce back to the catcher allowed the Yankees to catch Cruz trying to score from third. Sabathia made a great play to get Cruz. The other play was Arod's hit with the bases loaded. If Young picks that ball a double play is possible.

I was hoping for another comeback off Rivera, but he's a beast in the playoffs.

The Rangers knocked the Yankees down yesterday, but couldn't knock them out. Today they have to do both.


  1. I would also look at Gardner's bouncer to a thirdbaseman playing firstbase. Wilson slow to cover, and Cantu slow to get to the bag. Gardner scores on Jeter's double.
    I friggin hate the Yankees.

  2. I totally place the blame on how pitchers are managed today. Why was Darren Oliver brought in? And why was he not removed after he walked the first batter? The number of games that are pissed away after an excellent performance by the starting pitcher is shocking, and should be shocking to the folks in MLB.

    The Yankees didn't win that game. The Rangers handed it to them on a silver platter in the 8th inning.