Sunday, October 3, 2010

How the Troll Traded Me a 1956 Card He Didn't Even Own

Ooh. Intrigue! Drama! A mystery even.

Ok, it's not quite that exciting, but I was pretty happy about the whole thing.

About 10 days ago, the Collective Troll posted that he had a bunch of cards on the Topps MCG site that he didn't want. He didn't get much response and I didn't have any cards in my portfolio that fit his wantlists. He contacted me anyway and offered them to me for the worst card I had in my portfolio. He said I might be able to use them as trade bait.

I jumped all over that generous offer and after some email-tag, we were able to make the trade.

He sent over 9 cards, with the oldest being a 1972 Ray Fosse. I turned those right around and offered all of them, plus a couple of others, for 6 or 7 different 1956 cards.

Within a few hours, someone had accepted my offer and this is the sweet card I ended up with:

A nice 1956 Wayne Terwilliger play at the plate card. If this card looks familiar to my faithful readers, it's because I had this card once before, but traded it. Now it's back in my portfolio and will soon be in my hands.

I have to thank Marck for his continued generosity with me. I've "met" many great people through this blogging community and he ranks right up there at the top.

I'll be sending something extra in my next package to thank you for your generosity Marck!


  1. i have a bunch of cards in that topps million thing i'm under wickedortega just make me a offer and i'll trade you all the cards i have....

  2. I really doubt that it was the 1987 Steve Sax that I gave you that pushed that trade over the edge, but I will take credit! Great play at the plate card! Cheers!