Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Angelic Trade

I recently completed a trade with Tom over at The Angels, In Order. He responded a little differently than I did to a Jeff Weaver '75 mini relic I pulled from a Lineage Blaster. Differently as in, he liked it. I was happy to send it off to Tom along with a few other Angels cards in exchange for some Rangery goodness.

Tom sent along a healthy stack of vintage Rangers from my newly posted want list. You know, the only recently posted on the sidebar -------------->

I now have fourteen "new" '79s and a couple of '76s I needed.

This 1979 Fergie Jenkins was one of the bright spots of the package. Look how happy he is to be in my collection!!

Speaking of bright spots, here is a super shiny Diamond Anniversary Josh Hamilton. This card isn't worth a cool $500,000 like his grand slam on Wednesday, but I like it.

This is my second Marlin Byrd auto, but the first with him as a Ranger. It comes from 2008 UDX and will sit nicely next to the Frank Catalanotto from the same set.

Thanks for a good trade Tom. Please tell your Angels to drop a few games this week!

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