Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I may have to become a Dodgers fan

Ok, that may be a bit extreme. Not to mention it might just anger a few great Dodgers bloggers out there. However, if I keep opening blasters like this one, I may change my team loyalty.

I have had a blaster of Lineage sitting on my desk staring at me for almost a week. It's for the contest that ended yesterday and will be going out to the Troll man when I get to the post office. However, I couldn't resist picking up just one more Lineage blaster for myself. It was Legendary to say the least.

Legend #1-Juan Marichal Stand-Up. Not a Dodger.

Legend #2-Johnny Mize (I think this is the Diamond Anniversay parallel.) Also, not a Dodger.

I know what you're thinking, why not be a Giants fan? Did you see the World Series last year? Well, did ya!? I put the Giants up there almost even with the Yankees.

Legends #3 and #4. Bert Blyleven and Tom Seaver '75 minis. Ok, legend might be a small stretch for Bert, but he's a HOFer now.

How about we get to the Dodgerific portion of the blaster.

Legend #5-Jackie Robinson. Shiny greatness!

Legend #6-Duke Snider '75 mini relic. I was speechless and probably sitting there with my mouth hanging open when I saw this come out of the blaster.

That really was my last Lineage blaster (I've said that before and I meant it then too) hopefully.

I'm going to hold on to the Snider relic and maybe, just maybe the Robinson shiny. After all, didn't you hear? I'm a Dodger fan* now.

*That's not true. I don't dislike the Dodgers, but I'm still a Rangers fan.


  1. Ah, geez, first the 2011 Chrome and now the Snider bat card.

    Wait 'til you read my next post. The pity party will begin.

  2. Congrats on the Lineage blaster. You pulled some great Dodgers and you can just dump the giants you pulled in the trash. I usually drop my giants cards in the trash or my cat's litter box.