Monday, September 5, 2011

Giving a Hoot about Wantlists

Everyone's favorite Night Owl was the one of the first people to comment on my recently posted wantlists (they're also on the sidebar, just in case you hadn't seen them). He sent over some great cards.

Who doesn't love a little Bush? It looks like GW is pitching to Josh, but Josh doesn't expect much so he's not even ready.

This 2011 Heritage Vladdy relic was a potential prize in Night Owl's recent Crack the Code contest. Fortunately for me, nobody won both prize levels and I got this card. Look, even Vladdy is happy for me.

That sir, is how you throw a knuckleball.

The Charlie Hough and Jim Sundberg were a couple of cards on my 1989 Bowman wantlist. Night Owl is so in tune with other bloggers, he sent these BEFORE I posted my Bowman wantlist. Freaky...

Sweet! An on-card Jim Mason auto!!! Oh, more likely it's not THE Jim Mason that wrote his name on the card, but still, it's a '72 I needed.

Ok, I'll admit, I don't have an Angels wantlist. Or a Nolan Ryan wantlist. Or even a '75 Topps wantlist. But this is AWESOME! Totally awesome!! In that 1980's way everyone used to say AWESOME!! How could you not love a 1975 Topps funkadelic Nolan Ryan? You couldn't. And I do.

Thanks so much for the great package Night Owl. Your return package hit the post office on Friday so you might have it on Tuesday.

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  1. I forgot to mention that I don't think that's Jim Mason's actual signature. But you figured it out.