Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Overwhelming Generosity

We've all experienced generosity at some point. It doesn't matter if you're the recipient or the giver, it's a good thing.

I try to be generous when it comes to this blog and with my trades. I'd rather send a little more than someone expected than not send enough. My monthly contests are are just a way to spread a little happiness around the 'sphere.

Back in April, my favorite player went on the DL. Many of you sent well wishes and prayers for him and it was touching to have so many people that I only know through the blog reach out that way. A few people sent him cards to help with recovery. That kind of generosity was pretty overwhelming to me.

It was a long, slow and often painful recovery, but my son is practicing again and will play in his first Little League game this weekend. He's come a long way since saying he didn't want to play again and I think it's high time I said thank you to those people who sent cards.

First up is The Lost Collector. He sent over a handful of Rangers and a couple of my son's favorite non-Ranger, Joe Mauer.

My son was a little sad to see that the Twins have been playing Mauer at first base. We did get to see Joe catch the night the Rangers beat the Twins 20-6.

Next up is Paul from Wrigley Wax.

Paul sent over a stack of vintage Rangers, including some sweet '74s.

You might notice these are both catchers. It's sort of a theme around here.

Paul also included an unopened 1985 Topps pack! He is saving this to open after he gets his first hit this season. If he hits any big mojo, I'll let you know.

Last, but certainly not least is the Big Kahuna from Enough Already. The Big Kahuna sent a note that was signed by his family and that was especially nice. He sent over a small box full of catcher cards including a bunch of autos. I picked out a few of my son's favorites to show you.

Here we have an on-card, 2008 Bowman J.R. Towles auto. Towles is playing for the Astros this year. In 47 games, he's racking up hits at a .176 clip.

Here we have a Just Minors Taylor Teagarden auto #5/50. Teagarden is back up with the big club now.

Next up is a nice on-card 2008 Bowmam Chrome Refractor Julio Borbon auto #75/150. This is a really sharp card.

The Big Kahuna included a whole stack of other catcher autos and relics and really went above and beyond.

My son and I want to thank all the people who sent emails, made comments and sent cards. It's highly likely I failed to include someone who sent some cards for him and if that's true, I apologize. Since he took all the cards I got for him, it was a little tough to keep them straight.

I hope you get to experience a litte generosity today!


  1. Glad your son is doing better. He's got some nice cards there, especially the Towled auto. A bit jealous on that one ha.

  2. Thanks Trey. Maybe he'll trade it to you someday. Right now he says no way dad!