Monday, September 5, 2011

September Contest Winner

It never ceases to amaze me how many people will enter these little contests I have each month. This month however, the comments that went along with my 1000th post were really nice to read. I want to thank all of you for what you said. Like many of you, I write this blog as an outlet for the enjoyment I get from collecting cards. It's nice to know that people actually enjoy what you write (sometimes!).

I thought since everyone took the time to comment, the least I could do is respond:

the lost collector—thank you sir!
Potch—Thank you!
Alvin—Glad you liked it, thank you and you’re welcome.
Matt—Thanks…and good luck!
Hackenbush—Thank you!
Hairylemon—I appreciate that.
Chris Stufflestreet—Thank you, I will.
Roofgod—Oooh, that’s a lot! Thanks.
Don—Thank you.
Cardanathema—Thanks and you’re welcome.
Piratesfan731—It is!
Dawgbones—I never thought I would…you’ll get there.
Dhoff—Thanks, that means a lot.
The angels in order—Thank you very much.
The diamond king—Thank you.
Jason c.—Thanks a lot!
Josh d.—You got tossed and thanks. I hope you enjoy the oldies.
Eggrocket—Monster thanks to you!
Captain canuck—I will. That’s because I always forget to ask you to do some simple math problem.
Night owl—I’ll never catch you sir! I still wonder if I’ll last a couple more!
Spiff—That’s a lot of pressure! Thanks spiff.
Trey j.—Thank you sir, I hope you’re right.
Spastikmooss—Thank you sir.
Greg zakwin—Thanks!!! You’re welcome!!!! !!!!!
Shady twine—Thanks!
Spankee—If I got paid a nickel for every post, I’d quit. It would seem like work then! Thanks!
Dominicfdny—If you’re really FDNY then I THANK YOU!
Ryan g—Thanks! I know, I can’t believe that either.
Spiegel83—Thanks man!
Mmmrhubarb—No you DA MAN!
Eric I—Thanks! I wouldn’t have had any posts without you guys and gals!
Cheap card collecting—Thank you!
Ba benny—Thanks Benny! That means a lot.
Kazi—Thanks, I really appreciate that.
Robert—Thanks and you’re welcome. Others did that for me so I’m just paying it forward.
Lifetimetopps—Thank you!
Collective troll—Thanks Marck! From the bottom of my heart, that means a lot!
Matthew glidden—Thanks Matt! It hasn’t been quite two years though…don’t age me!
Mark a—No thank goodness! Typing was the best class I had in high school and I can type fast! Thanks.
Adame—Thank you!
Ryan lamonica—Thanks! I try to put some heart into a post now and then. Get started!
Joe—Thanks, now I’m hungry. And Blueberry waffles to you!
David—Thank you generous man!
Cardhobbyist—Thanks! It’s not too bad!
Baseball dad—Thanks, I’m working on it!
Dayf—Hey sticker man! Tank U!
Fanofreds—Thanks Chris!
Madding—Thank you!
The dimwit—Thanks a lot!
I don’t know…3rd base—Thanks and I hope you keep enjoying it!
Napkin doon—Thanks Nap!

Now, on to the winner of the Lineage Blaster.

I want to apologize in advance if you watch the video. Apparently someone on the telly was accusing someone else of "f***ing his girlfriend", while I was doing the video. Of the randomization, not of him doing the girlfriend. Anyway, you know what I mean!

Here's your randomization:

Congrats to.....The Collective Troll! Hopefully his wife is all better and they can open these together!

Thanks again, and stay tuned for more contests.


  1. Thanks again for the contest; I'm hoping to post one later this week. Wanted to mention that the LCS has many Rangers GU, including Pudge, Palmeiro, and Gonzales. Meanwhile, hopefully you're enjoying your holiday; I'm stalling from a painting project ;)

  2. I was with the FDNY till 9/11 that january i could no longer handle being there and the constant reminder of wat i went through and all the losses and everything that goes along with it so i thnk u 4 your thank u

  3. Wow!!! I certainly didn't expect this... I am a little scared that the Captain is gonna head south and beat my ass, BUt I am really excited to open some cards with my wife! We had a BLASt ripping our Gint a Cuffs box, but haven't ripped anything since. It will be good times for sure..
    Congrats once again on the milestone - obviously the number continues to climb...
    Thanks again!