Monday, September 12, 2011

Much ado about nothing

A couple of days ago I posted that I was a little disappointed that the 45 Ring "prize" from the Topps' Diamond Giveaway site was a regular 2011 Factory Set.

Thanks to several comments from readers, I discovered that wasn't exactly true.

This is the regular version of Ian Kinsler's card.

This is the version that comes in the "Limited Edition Diamond Giveaway" Factory Set. You'll be so kind as to notice the seal in the upper left corner and the additional lettering above Ian's name.

Blown up a bit, but slightly illegible, is the silver foil seal. It says "Topps Diamond Anniversary."

Just above Ian's name it says "Factory Set Limited Edition."

It's nice that Topps made this set distinctive. It's not nice that people who are team/player collectors have another set of cards to chase.

I haven't purchased a factory set in years. I was a little surprised to see that the cards are NOT sorted. Topps must just load them in the box in the order they're cut. Is that typical of factory sets these days?


  1. the cards are never (ok, probably not never), but in the few factory sets I've bought over the years, they haven't been. i do obsessively put them in order though....i mean, i just to look at the stats on the back of every card....

  2. The last factory set I bought was 89 Fleer (yep it's been a while). It was not sorted at all. I discovered it a couple of years back still sealed and opened it and saw the disorder inside.

    I like the fact that they are unsorted, at least that way there is SOMETHING I can do with them other than just store them.

    BTW, I got your package today. (I hate that phrase) Thanx a bunch and your return stuff should be in the mail shortly.

  3. hee, hee, he said "package"...
    yeah, I got the 2010 set for Christmas, it was kind of fun sorting them and looking a them while doing that. I never thought about the cutting order, that would make sense though...

  4. Any chance you are going to break that set up?? I'm sure it would be very easy to trade/sell of the team sets.

  5. I don't think I'll be splitting it up. If I change my mind, I'll post it here.