Saturday, September 10, 2011

I know what I want for Christmas

Colbey from Cardboard Collections is hosting a little early 2000's Fleer Break with some boxes he picked up at a good price from The Baseball Card Exchange. I'm not really in the market to buy any boxes at the moment, but I went to check out the site anyway. I found two things I want for Christmas.

Look at that. Isn't it just beautiful. An unopened 1975 Topps Rack Pack. 42 cards for only 49 cents!! Of course, the price today is $235. That is quite a dramatic rise in cost. Originally just over 1 cent per card, it will now cost you almost $8 per card. Still...can you just imagine what fun that would be to bust open?

The second item on my impossible wish list is this unopened 1970 Topps Rack Pack. I know the 1970 set isn't the most aesthetically pleasing set around, but it is my birth year and one I wouldn't mind putting together to pass down to my kids. At only 39 cents for 54 cards, it was quite the bargain back in 1970. Now this rack pack, with Yaz showing on the top, will set you back a cool grand. That's right. $1000. That's a change from .7 cents per card to just over $18.50 per card.

A boy can dream can't he.

Maybe, just maybe, Santa will read my letter and I'll finally get something besides coal in my stocking.


  1. That '75 rack pack, to quote Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights, is "like looking up Yasmine Bleeth's skirt.''

  2. That '75 rack pack is great, but you could just about buy the whole set for $235. That be a rip-off.