Monday, September 26, 2011

Them's the Breaks...

Sometimes you kill the break. Sometimes the break kills you. Technically, I didn't kill either one of these breaks, but I'll let you be the judge about which one I got the most bang for my buck.

I'll start off by saying I've been in multiple breaks with both these guys and I'll continue to do so. Breaks are fun and these are two good guys to break a box or 10 with, so long as you don't take my Rangers (unless you do and I end up with the Twins.)

First up is Colbey from Cardboard Collections. He busted 3 boxes of Marquee recently and knowing how much that stuff was going for, I jumped at a chance for some Rangers from a set I knew I would never bust myself. The buy-in was $38 for two teams, one of your choice and one random team from the unclaimed teams.

I ended up with a Lone Star pairing of my Rangers and the Houston Astros. We'll start off with my Astros from the break.

There you have Astros. Not exactly a great start, but never fear, I'm here for the Rangers anyway.

I got a Josh Hamilton base card.

I also got a Nolan Ryan blue parallel, #3/299.

That's it. $38 for two cards. That's a non-winning lottery ticket right there. That is far and away the least productive break I've ever been a part of and that is just the way it goes sometimes. You pays your money, you takes your chances. This is no way turns me off of Colbey's breaks because he's got one going right now where the first box had a Rangers hit and parallel.

Next up was a break by Sam over at The Daily Dimwit. He was busting a case of 2006 UD Artifacts. The Rangers were already taken, so hoping for some Mauer Mojo, I picked up the Twins. It was $30, but as you may already know, Sam throws in lots of bonus boxes or blasters. The best card I got came out of a bonus box of 2007 Masterpieces.

That is a very nice on-card auto of Torii Hunter. I also got a couple of Scott Baker jersey cards (I know, right!!!!) and a healthy stack of base Joe Mauer cards from about 4 different products. So, that's $30 for one Hunter auto, a couple of meh relics and some base cards. I guess that's another example of the break getting me, but it was better than the Marquee break. David, aka rhubarbrunner, has dibs on the Hunter and other Twins if he wants them because he might have a few Rangers for me.

When's the next break?


  1. That Marquee break was tough on you. I think that's the risk we take when we sign up for high-end stuff. Maybe in a couple years I'll be able to afford whole boxes of products like Marquee. But then, would I really buy entire boxes of products like Marquee?

  2. You have to know going in that the odds are against you, but that's part of the appeal of the break. You spend a fraction of the cost of the boxes and hope to get lucky. There were only 48 cards available that Marquee break so there had to be some teams that were shutout. I'll never bust a box of that on my own.

  3. I usually avoid high-risk breaks unless I know the checklist ahead of time and think the odds are in my favor. I skip a lot of breaks for this reason, but I can't afford to get what you got! In other words, I can't afford to hope I'm lucky.

  4. I have to agree with night owl, it's one of those breaks I usually avoid. The team I expected to do well, the Dodgers, only had two base cards, while the "worst" team in the break, the Royals, had two hits. So it's a risk, even when odds are you should hit something.

  5. I prefer high volume breaks, because it feels like you get to really enjoy seeing the cards come out. I love having the Dimwit break videos (or BA Benny's if you remeber that bad boy) on in the back ground while reading blogs. I like the experience. Stuff like Marquee is nice, but it has to be the right timing. They're good if you happen to have some Paypal funds burning a hole in your virtual pocket, but the risk is definitely there. Tough break on those, but the hunter is nice.