Thursday, August 15, 2013

A little shiny to counteract all the Ginter goin' round

Like our good friend Night Owl, I recently received a package from Kenny, otherwise known as Zippy Zappy.  And like Night Owl, I received a couple of very cool, very Japanese Sega CardGen cards.

First up is the missed Michael Young.  I'm enjoying the Rangers as they are now, but it's always hard to let go of one of your favorite players.  That's not exactly the best picture for a baseball card.

Good luck reading that description.  Fear not dear reader, Kenny didn't leave us in the dark.

Another former Ranger, although Mike Adams doesn't rank quite as high in Rangers history as Michael Young.

You might ask why I'm showing you the back of another one of these cards.  It's educational you see.

Here is the translation from Kenny.  He apologized for the handwriting, but I used to teach 6th graders so I can read just about anything.  The fact that Kenny included the translation was pretty cool.

This is from 2013 Topps, but I never saw anything like it in the packs I busted.  It's a super shiny Hank Aaron reprint card.  Hank looks about 15 in that shot.

The thing that got this whole trade underway was some 2013 Bowman.  Kenny sent me a load of the mini Refractor Rangers.  

I haven't checked how many of these there are, but I've got four now thanks to this deal.  Jairo Beras...never heard of him.  I think he needs a smaller helmet.

Thirsty anyone?  How about a little Ernest and Joey Gallo.  That sounded funnier in my head.

Hey, I've heard of this guy!  He's another one of those guys who looks like he's on a Little League team.

Finally a guy who has the skills to be at the major league level (maybe) and he's not even a Ranger anymore. Still, it's the best of the bunch and I hope he turns out the be the player the Rangers thought he would be, just with the Cubs instead.

Kenny, thanks for the great cards and I hope we can do another deal down the road.


  1. Nice minis! The Aaron card came out of a Bowman pack. I pulled a Mays like it, but I think it was a '54 Bowman.

  2. I'm hoping you're right about Olt!

    Those Sega CardGen cards are pretty cool.

  3. Cool = CardGen cards
    Cooler = Zippy Zappy
    Coolest = Zippy Zappy translated the CardGen cards.