Friday, August 23, 2013

Gint-A-Cuffing along with packs 1-4

Since I know everyone clicks on every Gint-A-Cuffs post by every blogger involved, I know you already know about my Josh Hamilton box topper that got me off to an 18 point start.

By the way, big shout out to Dave and Adams Card World for the discounted box through the Gint-A-Cuffs blog.  Also, I shot a video of this break that I'll post at the end.  I suck at the video part, but I wanted it for posterity's sake.  Or posterior's sake.  Whichever works for you.

Let's not dilly dally any longer and get on to packs 1-4.  I'll just tell you now the highlight of this box break happened in pack 1.

Total points so far--18

Pack 1

Howie Kendrick
Phil Niekro (great card)
Cal Ripken Jr.

Jason Heyward, favorite player, +2

Jason Heyward Rip Card #4/50, (+20 points X 1.7 for favorite player hit), +34

NICE!! That's only the second rip card I've ever pulled.

Aroldis Chapman Across the Years, +2

Before you even ask, yes I ripped it.  Here's the back to prove it.

Ty Cobb Extended Mini, +10

Here is the back of the Cobb.  It's mini #154.  

Pack 1 total--48 points

Total so far--66 points

Let's see, if I keep up that pace for the rest of the box, I'll end up with 1170 points.  Um, yea right.  

Pack 2

Artie Lange 
Nik Wallenda
Lindsey Vonn...what no point for hotness?  Probably lost the point due to dating Tiger.  
Roy Jones Jr.
Lou Brock...hey a real life baseball player!!!

Adrian Beltre, favorite team, +1

Bob Lemon, A&G ad back mini, +2 EDIT, should be +6

Josh Reddick , Across the Years, +2

Pack 2 total--9 points

Total so far--75 points

Pack 3

Michael Brantley
Prince Fielder
CJ Wilson
Tyler Skaggs
Dylan Bundy

Leeds Castle, Palaces and Strongholds, +3

I kind of like these cards, even though when I think of a castle, I think of something badass, not something that houses a dog collar museum.  (Read the back of this one if you don't believe me.)

Ryan Ludwick black bordered mini, +3

Paul Molitor, SP, +2

Pack 3 total--8 points

Total so far--83 points

Pack 4

AJ Burnett
Yasmani Grandal...I thought he was a character in Lord of the Rings.
Willie nice, but Willie Mays Hays would be better.
Felix Hernandez

Tim Hudson mini framed relic, +10

It's a Braves hot box!

Tony Perez A&G Ad back mini, +2

Bob Gibson Across the Years, +2

Should be an extra point for the mutton chops.  

Pack 4 total--14 points

Total so far--97 points

Not too shabby.  

Ok, I'm off to edit more scans for packs 5-8.


  1. Rip card?????!!!!! NICE.

    Molitor in a TWINS jersey????!!!! NOT nice.

  2. I think they sent you the wrong box. That should've been my gint-a-cuffs box. I would have been unstoppable with those packs! Awesome pull on the Heyward rip card!

  3. I got a rip card, too, in my Gint-A-Cuffs box, which was pretty nice. Unfortunately, I only got a Five-Point Box topper, not the 18-pointer you got.

    On, and for that Hamilton ...... you're welcome! (MY FP)

    Seriously, though, congrats on a great box.

    BTW, e-mail me your address. I think I have a card to send to you. (matt-pederson(AT)

  4. How? How in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks do you do it?

    Brave after Brave.... ALL THE TIME.

    I am supremely jealous. And I am unanimous in this.

  5. Then you're gonna be jealous again when you see my second hit. Not as good but of the same regional baseball empire.

  6. That is a beaut of a rip card - outside and in.