Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pack busting at the dentist

I have an 8 AM dental cleaning appointment so I thought I'd bust a little Bowman Platinum while I waited.

I bought a blaster and two value packs and one of the blaster packs had an auto.

Nate Roberts is no Yasiel Puig, but hey...well, there's no hey really. It's just not Puig. I'm glad to pull an auto anyway and the gold Paul Goldschmidt wasn't bad either.

I'll have a full write up of this and a better round of BP tomorrow.


  1. Pack busting and driving, a deadly combination. I've been guilty of that in the past myself.

    The "Air Bag" just below the auto card was the giveaway...

    1. I was sitting in the dentists' parking lot with the car running for the A/C. I would never (cough, cough) busy packs while driving.

    2. I usually bust packs in the parking lot. But I am guilty of busting packs at red lights, too. Is that a sign of a problem?

    3. I can usually get one pack busted in the car at red lights between my LCS and home. I figure if everyone else is checking their smartphone why can't I just rip a pack?

  2. That's so nice of your dentist to hand out blasters while you wait. Do you get a hobby box if you have no cavities?

  3. Darn it... I just went to the dentist yesterday and totally forgot to bring packs to bust. I'm going back on Friday to pick up my night guard... I'll have to remember to bring some wax.