Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Don't leave home without it

I don't use credit cards anymore.  I've had my issues with overusing them so it's easier to just avoid the temptation.

That doesn't mean I don't have a Gold Card.

A 1995 Studio Will Clark Gold Card that is.  I should have scanned the back too since it mentions Clark's major league debut when he hit a homer off Nolan Ryan in his first at bat.

Former top Ranger prospect Mike Olt now appearing sans logos.  

Former Ranger Michael Young appears in a limited edition, #81/799.

These cards an many more appeared in my mailbox courtesy of Kerry at Cards on Cards.  He offered up a bunch of Nolan Ryan Mother's Cookies cards and I jumped on the Ranger versions.  This is one I haven't seen before.  It say Nolan Ryan Farewell Set up in the left corner.  These all came in the original, unopened wrappers.

We started with gold and we'll finish with gold. I'd never heard of a Retrofractor before, but that's what it says on the back of this 2001 Topps Chrome Ruben Mateo.

I'm amazed every time I get a package from Kerry because they always have such a variety of cards.

Thanks Kerry!


  1. Once upon a time, I used to think that credit cards were evil. But now that I pay off the balance every month, I love seeing my 1% bonus grow with each monthly statement.

    Btw... love those Studio credit cards.

  2. Still cant believe M.Y. isn't a Ranger anymore.

  3. That Olt card looks like he's already wearing Cubbie blue! But if that's a number 10 on his back, he won't be wearing that in Chicago...