Saturday, August 10, 2013

Almost breaking even

I don't buy cards for the sole purpose of hitting the big card I can sell for a profit anymore. I tried that for 4 years once and ended up with $25K in credit card debt.

That doesn't mean I'm averse to pulling something I can make a little money on if the opportunity is there.

I checks the completed listings on EBay for Byron Buxton Bowman Platinum refractor autos and posted the one I pulled as soon as I could.

I have to say I'm happy that the auction will just about pay for all the BP that I bought. Yes, I realize I bought too much. Getting a Puig base card and the Buxton auto in the first two packs I opened was like winning the lottery the first time you play. I had to play again and again.

Now where is my Gint-a-Cuff box?


  1. It's a great success to break even on a box of cards. This hobby isn't really well known for it's ROI.

  2. Awesome! Gotta love it when one card from your box pays for all of the other cards. Congratulations.