Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All the colors of the rainbow


That's how I learned and remember the colors of the rainbow.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.


That's my new rainbow, courtesy of Robert over at $30 a Week Habit.

First up is green.  As in a 2013 Topps Matt Harrison emerald parallel.  It sure would be nice if Harrison could come back from his injury to help the Rangers down the stretch.

Next up in our modified rainbow is blue.  Craig Gentry Walmart Blue.  I've seen some people question whether this is a real game catch and I can assure you that it is an actual catch.  Proof enough for you?  Thought so.

The second G in our rainbow is gold.  Alexi Ogando gold.  Ogando hasn't exactly been lighting it up in his return to the starting rotation.  I think he's destined for bullpen duty if the Rangers can get Harrison back.

The second B in this new age rainbow is actually some brown old school vintage ala a 1962 Topps Chuck Cottier.  You'll always be scoring points with me when you send me pre-Texas Washington Senators.  Love the background on this card.

We'll close out this rainbow with one final B, a black bordered 2010 Topps Vladimir Guerrero.  It's # 27/59.  I've never pulled one of these black parallels so it's always nice to end up with one in a trade.

If you have any serial numbered Topps cards that you need to dispose of, check out Robert's wantlist for his Serial Numbered Insanity project.  He's nearly 1000 cards into a 1500 card collection and could use some help!


  1. Uh, about Harrison. You might want to read what I just read.

  2. Thank you for the plug Brian, and I'm glad you enjoyed what I sent!!

    The '62 set is becoming a fast favorite of mine, and it seems to be more in supply at each show I go to.

  3. It's amazing that I can't remember people's phone numbers... but ROYGBIV has stuck with me for over thirty years.