Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A tale of two plays at the plate

Sometimes catching is fun...

...sometimes, not so much.  

Every once in a while, banning collisions at the plate comes up.  I read it again on a blog a couple of days ago.  

It won't work.  What do you tell the catcher?  You have to move out of the way.  You can't attempt to tag out the runner.  I know, let's say if the runner gets 2/3 of the way home, he gets a free pass.  

That's crap and I can't imagine baseball without the play at the plate.  I suppose they could force players to slide feet first into home instead of lowering a shoulder into the catcher, but I suspect even that wouldn't work.  I guess it's easy for me to love a good play at the plate since I'm not on the receiving end as the runner or the catcher.   


  1. Can't imagine baseball w/o the play at the plate.

    1. Makes me sad to think about it. I'd have to change my name to The Blogger Formerly Known As Play at the Plate.

  2. But ... but ... but ... poor Buster! :)

    Some people don't want to think of baseball as a tough game. It's a tough game. Just because you don't see people being tackled on every play, it's not croquet.

  3. Busted Posey...ouch. Like you said, it's not croquet.