Monday, August 26, 2013

Gint-A-Cuffs: The second half begins-packs 13-16

Just in case you missed the first post today, I reached the halfway point of the box with 144 points.  Let's dive right in shall we?

Total so far--148 points

Pack 13

Andre Dawson
Jered Weaver
Jacoby Ellsbury
Chris Sale
Aroldis Chapman

Indus River Valley Civilizations of Ages Past, +3

George Washington Peacemakers, +3
I think these are my favorite minis this year.  These and the First Americans.

Justin Morneau SP, +2

Pack 13 total--8 points

Total so far--156 points

Pack 14

Freddie Roach
Chrissy Teigen
Ryan Zimmerman
Colby Rasmus
Aroldis Chapman regular back mini...these minis that aren't worth anything are killing me.

Jay Bruce framed mini relic, +10
Well, the third hit leaves a lot to be desired, but it does get me 10 points.  It looks like a powder blue swatch so maybe Nachos Grande can explain where that came from.

Salvador Perez Across the Years, +2

Pack 14 total--12 points

Total so far--168 points

With all three hits out of the way, it's time to nickel and dime my way toward 200 points. 

Pack 15

Barry Zito...I'm surprised this guy isn't negative points.
Tom Seaver
Kendrys Morales
Scott Diamond
Warren Spahn...great card.

Gyeongbokgung Palaces and Strongholds, +3

Jason Motte ad back mini, +2

John Kruk SP, +2

Pack 15 total--7 points

Total so far--175 points

Pack 16

Bryce Harper, someone's favorite player, +2

Mike Joy
Barry Melrose
Monty Hall
Jason Dufner...this is another card where the mini is an SP, but the base card is not.

Vikings Martial Mastery, +3

Chris Sale regular back mini

Stephen Strasburg SP, +2

Pack 16 total-- 7 points

Total so far--182 points

Eight packs to go and I need just a shade under 3 points per pack to hit 200. 


  1. There are actually two Dufner cards in the set. The SP is #349 (I believe). I pulled both this weekend from a blaster, and, besides the dab of color set behind hime and the Topps Code at the bottom on the back, I can't figure out the difference. I'm sure it has something to do with the Ginter Code stuff, much like the multiple Bill Walton cards (#100 & #350) and the Pele No Text and Green Text back cards.

    1. Thanks. I pulled both Dufners in the aw pack the other day.