Friday, August 23, 2013

Gint-A-Cuffs Round 2 Packs 5-8

Let's get going without any delays this time.

Total so far--97 points.

Pack 5

Mark Buehrle
Mike Morse  ...---...
Bonnie Bernstein...again, no points for hotness

And then...

Bud Selig, -1 for nearly ruining Allen & Ginter for me this year.


Lattuca, blah blah blah, McCabe...code breakers

Jason Dufner SP mini, +3

Wilin Rosario SP, +2

Pack 5 total--7 points

Total so far--104 points

Pack 6

Jon Lester
Anthony Rizzo...this guy is good so the Cubs will probably trade him
Bronson Arroyo
Tony Perez
Early Wynn...I always thought Wynn was a great name for a pitcher
Ferguson Jenkins...great card!

Inquiring Minds Sun Tzu mini, +3

Brycer Harper Across the Years, (+2 ATY, +2 Favorite Player) +4

Pack 6 total--7 points

Total so far--111 points.  I'm very pleased to hit a 100 points so quickly, but only 1 hit remains.

Pack 7

Babe Ruth, Yankee -1

Derek Jeter, Yankee -1

This is not a good start.

Vance Worley
Rickie Weeks
Hanley Ramirez

One Little Corner Earth, +3

Mike Minor mini...these regular back minis that score no points are a bummer.

Brandon McCarthy SP, +2

Pack 7 total--3 points thanks to the Yankees

Total so far--114 points

Pack 8

Anthony Rendon
Death was hotter here than in Death Valley some days this summer.
Gio Gonzalez

David Murphy, My favorite team, +1

Anthony Gose
Stan Musial
Justin Upton mini

Ian Kinsler Across the Years, (+2 ATY, +4 for my Favorite Player) +6

Pack 8 total--7 points

Total so far--121 points.

Well, the points have slowed down considerably.  I need a couple of decent packs to get the total up.

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