Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to Gint-A-Cuffs: Packs 9-12

NOTE:  I had to edit the score for pack 5 in the previous post because I failed to add the 3 points for the Swahili card.  I fixed it so I should be ok going forward.  PLEASE let me know if you see any scoring errors.

I took the weekend off (don't I always?) and now I'm ready to know out 4 more packs of A&G.  Depending on how slow it is tonight, I might get all the rest of these posted today.

Points so far----121 points

Pack 9

Frank Robinson...still weird to see him in a Reds uni.
Nick Swisher
Ty Cobb...he's a bad mutha.
Rod, that is a bad mustache.
Dustin Pedroia
Adam Jones

Lou Brock Ad Back Mini, +2

Ken Griffey Jr. Across the Years, +2

Pack 9 total--4 points

Points so far--125 points

Pack 10

Giancarlo Stanton
A.J. Ellis
Billy Butler
Derek Norris
Roberto Clemente...we share a birthday
Bill Mazersoski...two old school Pirate greats in a row.

Francis Bacon Inquiring Minds mini, +3

Kris Medlen Across the Years, +2

Pack 10 total--5 points

Total so far--130 points

The points have really slowed down, but this next pack is going to help.

Pack 11

Matt Harrison, favorite team, +1

Elvis Andrus, favorite team, +1

Ian Kinsler, my favorite player, +4

Sedna, One Little Corner, +3

Jake Peavy, black bordered mini, +3

Hal Newhouser SP, +2

Pack 11 total--14 points, not too shabby for a pack without a hit.

Total so far--144 points

Pack 12

Andre Eithier
Alcides Escobar
Dwight Gooden
Roy Halladay
Garrett Jones
Matt Cain
Frank Robinson regular back mini

Yu Darvish Across the Years, (+2 and favorite team, +2) +4

Thank goodness it was Yu or that would have been a total disaster of a pack.

Pack 12 total--4 points

Total so far--148 points

So, I'm on pace for 296 points....yea right.  That is so not going to happen. 

On to edit scans for packs 13-16.

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