Monday, August 26, 2013

Gint-A-Cuffs: Packs 17-20

I'm down to the last 1/3 of the box and sitting on 178 points.  I should be able to go over 200, but we won't know if I don't get started.

Total so far--182 points

Pack 17

David Ortiz
Matt Garza
Johnny least he's not sitting on a freshly painted bench.
Joe Morgan
Carlos Santana
Andre Dawson regular backed mini

Sun One Little Corner...that's one hot card, +3

Nolan Ryan SP, (+2 SP, +1 my favorite team) +3

Pack 17 total--6 points

Total so far--188 points

Pack 18

Phil Heath
Matthew Berry
Naya Meriwether
Shelby Miller
Evan Longoria

Jurickson Profar, my favorite team, +1

Barry Melrose, ad back mini, +2

Ernie Banks Across the Years, +2

Pack 18 total--5 points

Total so far--193 points

Pack 19

David Freese
Chanel...awful card, just awful
Bill Walton (Card #100) so, I guess the mini #100 is worth a point, but the full size #100 is not?

Abe Vigoda, +1

Ziggy Marley

Fort Knox Palaces and Strongholds, +3

Plato Inquiring Minds, +3

Johan Santana SP, +2

Pack 19 total--9 points

Total so far--202 points....almost there

Pack 20

Salvador catcher's gear, that's a rarity for Ginter
Jose Altuve
Reggie Jackson, old school A's Reggie Jackson
Carlos almost play at the plate card
Starling Marte

Tim Lincecum, someone else's favorite player, +2

Jered Weaver regular back mini

Nick Swisher Across the Years, +2

Pack 20 total--4 points

Total so far--206 points

200 is in the rearview mirror.  How far can we go over 200?  Only four packs to go.  I'll get them posted this evening. 

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