Friday, August 16, 2013

Hard habit to break

Like many of you, I've collected cards for a long time.  I've also taken extended breaks from time to time.  I always come back to hobby because it's a hard habit to break.  I guess you could call it My Cardboard Habit. 

Well, you could, but Judson already took that blog title.  He also sent me two cool cards for my collection.


Getting Ranger blue swatches on cards is such a refreshing change from the typical white or gray swatch.  This 2013 GQ Josh Hamilton reminds me of better days for Josh.  I'm wondering if Art is regretting that fat contract yet. 

How about a Gold All Star Jersey card from 2012 Update?  This one is #37/50.  Judson said he just couldn't keep these cards in his collection anymore, but I welcome them with open arms.  Heck, it looks like Josh did us Rangers fans a favor when he signed with the Angels.  

Judson, I'm working on getting something together for you.  Thanks for the great cards.     

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