Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Come to papa you ugly hunk of cardboard

I couldn't tell you exactly when I first saw a 2000 Stadium Club Play at the Plate dirt relic card.

I can tell you that the minute I saw it, I had to have one.  Of course it took a year or more to finally get one.

This is the one I purchased on Ebay.

I never pulled one of these so I didn't know they came with a protective paper covering the front.  That may have been the reason I was able to get it fairly cheap.

Of course, I had to uncover the beauty underneath.

I'm certainly not a Mets fan, but how could I not love this card?  It's as if Topps knew this blog would be here and would need it's very own signature card.

Gee Topps, I take back 37% of the bad stuff I've ever said about you and your Toppsopoly.

The card isn't perfect.  It has a dinged upper left corner and a little chip on the upper right corner.  The dirt is a little sparse too.  I had to move it around just to get it to show up for the scan.

Still...I'm in "like" with this card.  Maybe I'll be able to pick up another one somewhere down the road.


  1. Makes me want to do a Ebay search for a "Waiting 'til Next Year" card.

  2. *checks his own list to see if he has this card*

  3. I have the Vladimir Guerrero Dirt Card from that set. I bought it from a member on one of the forums I frequent back in August of last year. I might be persuaded to let it go.

  4. Different is good! Reminds me it will be time soon to get another fan pack from the Red Sox. They always include a little pack of Fenway dirt. I think the Braves did that one year too.

  5. Topps Intern: Let's make a "Play at the Plate" insert, with real dirt!
    Topps Exec; Brilliant!
    Topps Editor: Let's use a photo of Mike batting, instead!

  6. It would be a lot better with a play at the plate pictured, but I love those oddball relics!

  7. Great looking header... just found a Vlad card from this set that I'll add to my Expos wantlist.