Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deep Thoughts

And Sox. That's who sent this latest package.

I love to trade. I think that is well documented. I was nominated for the Blog Trader of the Year Award after all. That award, as we all know, went to the deserving Wicked Ortega of My Past Time....I Love It!! Senor Ortega hasn't posted in a week and I'm hoping everything is ok and he's just taking a much deserved break. As usual, I digress.

Back to Thoughts and Sox who threw up a trade bait post not long ago. I'm such a sucker for trade bait. I almost always jump at something and this was no exception. Unlike my normal fare, I started a new collecting focal point with this card, which you'll see at the end. Adam sent a bunch of other Rangers and here are just a few.

Here are two great shots from 2005 Fleer Ultra. Alfonso Soriano and Michael Young show the youngsters how to avoid the runner and still turn two.

I haven't busted any Finest in years so anytime I get any of these it's a welcome addition to the collection. This 2008 Finest Michael Young excellent.

I really like these 2006 Topps '52 cards. The good folks over at Mojo and Beardy's fantastic card blog just happen to be busting a box of this stuff.

This is the card that got my attention. No, it's not a Ranger. No, it's not Johnny Bench. What it IS, is a vintage card of a catcher in "THE POSE". It is Duke Sims, circa 1967 Topps. Catchers have always been some of my favorite players. At least since I was a catcher in Little League all those years ago. I've added vintage cards of catchers in "The Pose" to my want list as of now.
By the way, Duke Sims played 11 seasons in the Majors, 7 years with Cleveland and the rest with the Dodgers, Tigers, Yankees and Rangers. He hit exactly 100 homeruns in his career. I'm wondering if he has a card in the 1975 set since he played 39 games with Texas.
Many thanks to Adam for sending over these great cards.


  1. Love the Young and Soriano cards. It's always cool seeing a middle infielder suspended in mid air while making a throw.

  2. He does not have a card in the '75 set. His last card is in the '74 set (as a Yankee. Bleah!)

  3. A Yankee...figures. Thanks Professor Owl for the answer to my question.

  4. Forty-Two, let's see if you catch the reference...