Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My REAL Review of 2010 Heritage

Forget yesterday's Heritage Review post.

Seriously, forget you ever clicked on that post. That never happened.

This is the real deal and although many have reviewed 2010 Heritage, you haven't heard my opinion yet.

Unfortunately, my review is quite similar to that of other bloggers. The pictures on the cards are Boring. With a Capital B. I get that they're trying to re-create the types of photos used in 1961, but that doesn't mean it isn't boring. I can live with the photos on the real 1961 set because they are Vintage beauties. That said, I like the design. It's fairly simple and doesn't overpower the card. The card backs are the best feature of the base set. Unfortunately, I didn't scan the backs of any cards. I also didn't scan any inserts (except one).

One of the things many people don't like about Heritage is the number of Short Printed cards. With a base set of 425, 75 SPs is way to many. After reading a number of reviews by other bloggers, my initial thoughts are I'm not going to try to put this set together because of the number of SPs. I think a lot of people who are borderline set collectors balk at putting Heritage together just because of the difficulty of getting all the SPs.

I purchased three loose packs first, buying each of them at different times. From those 3 packs, I pulled these cards worth noting.

David Price SP #426

Francisco Rodriguez TNAS SP #500

Nyjer Morgan Chrome Refractor #515/561

I felt pretty good getting a Chrome Refractor buying only 3 packs. I was looking to buy a blaster hoping the Chrome cards would fall as frequently as last year's blasters. Well, I read The Mojo Beard (you should too) and according to The Mojo Hand, Chrome cards are harder to find in the blasters this year (1:18 packs). I bought a blaster anyways and it yielded the same number of "hits" as my three packs. A pricing note: one single retail pack is $2.98 + tax. The blasters have 8 packs for 19.99 + tax. That is why I wanted to buy a blaster. Pardon my tangent, here are the three "hits for that first blaster.

Bronson Arroyo SP #455

Freddy Sanchez SP #446

Billy Wagner Clubhouse Collection Jersey

Normally I wouldn't be thrilled over pulling Arroyo and Sanchez, but if I decide to put the set together, that's two more SPs off the wantlist.

So, after three loose packs and a blaster, I started to shift my thoughts on not putting the set together. It's definitely doable and even if it takes awhile, well, that's part of the enjoyment of this hobby for me. The chase for that elusive card. The thrill of finding it.

So, what's a collector to do? This collector bought one more blaster. This box yielded 5 "hits", counting the SPs as hits.

Cole Hamels MVP SP #480

Ryan Braun TNAS SP #492

Jair Jurrjens Chrome #1738/1961

Roger Maris Chase '61 #1

Apparently people are all gaga over these Chase cards and they're bringing good money.

Jim Woods Real One Red Ink Auto #13/61

That's a nice on-card auto for retail. I did a brief search and I saw one place that said there were Real One Special Edition Red Ink Autos hand numbered to /61 that were hobby exclusives, but I pulled this out of an 8 pack blaster from Wally World. Now, Jim Woods only played 36 games over his 3 year career so it's not like this is a life-altering auto. But, its still a nice pull for retail.

There you have it. Another Heritage set and as you know there are as many opinions on this as there are blogs. I'm sure I'll pick up some more along the way and try to trade for the rest.

Now, if these just came with some of those Million Card Giveaway codes!


  1. You're the third person I've seen get a red auto out of retail. I'm jealous.

  2. nice pull with the Woods auto!! Is the Jair Jurrjens Chrome #1738/1961 yp for trade??

  3. My goodness, that Arroyo card might be a "worst card" nominee!

  4. nice review. I like when folks give out pricing info and configurations. it gives you a good feel of what fits your needs or collecting wants and budget.

  5. The short prints bother me too. Why does Kurt have to be a SP? I can find singles of superstars for a quarter but I gotta spend $2-5 just to get a base card of one of my favorite, though somewhat spare, players. That sucks. I haven't gotten one yet though, if someone has one to send my way. :)