Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Giveway cards from David

I've only been around the blogosphere since last August and I've been the recipient of David's generosity a number of times. Just in case you're NEW, David runs Indian Baseball Cards and Random Wax. I think he discovered the non-stop generosity he was extending to everyone was interfering with his ability to post about what he loves most, the Cleveland Indians. So he planned one last Great Giveaway. Well, he was more than generous and I was blown away by the box he sent me. It had a Cowboy and Mav or two and a boatload of Rangers. It had over 250 cards! I picked out a small fraction of them to show off.

Donruss Diamond Kings: 1987 Charlie Hough, 1988 Scott Fletcher (Really, a DK?) and 2005 Hank Blalock.

This 1996 Score Star Struck Will Clark has a nice write up about Will on the back. I should have scanned the back so you could read it.

This is a 1992 Skybox Pre-Rookie (?) Rusty Greer. Rusty has a feature post coming up.

I like these 1998 Topps Gold Label cards. Good thick stock, great photos. They're really nice.

You can't go wrong with Turkey Reds, even if they do have the ugly grey border. This is a 2006 Carl Yastrzemski, one from my favorite player list.

This is a 2005 Upper Deck Reflections Promo Michael Young. I think this is my first Ranger promo card.

This is the front and back of a great little oddball card. It measures 2 1/4" by 5 1/4". It's a 1993 Upper Deck B.A.T. Richie Zisk. It highlights Zisk winning the A.L. Comeback Player of the Year Award in 1981 and also mentions he held the Mariners record of homering in 5 straight games until Ken Griffey Jr. did it 8 times in 1993. Very cool little oddball card.
David, thanks for your unbelievable generosity. I'm looking forward to reading some great Indians postings this year.


  1. When I first looked at the 98 gold label card it looks like batting Ivan is hitting catcher Ivan in the head. kind of funny. cool card though.

  2. Lol I was just going to post exactly what Jeremy said. I lovvve it.