Monday, March 8, 2010

Million Card Giveaway Trades

Early last week, I decided to give the trade feature on the Topps Million Card Giveaway a try. My goals regarding trading are to get older cards than the ones I have and try to get Rangers/Senators. That doesn't mean I want to trade my '52 or '54 cards. Those I like just fine.

The first night I proposed 5 trades. Within two days, 3 of my trade proposals had been accepted.
I traded a 1988 Jim Acker for this:

1988 Charlie Hough

I thought I would get my feet wet trading for a Ranger of the same year. Of course, I didn't think I'd get a vintage card for a 1988 Acker anyway.

The second completed trade came in just a few minutes later and saw me trade a 1978 Ron LeFlore for this:

1972 Bill Gogolewski

I picked this card because it's one of those awful airbrushed Senators cards. And because I didn't have it.

The third trade was completed a couple of days later. I managed to turn my 1993 Willie Greene into this:

1987 Bobby Valentine

I know what you're thinking...a manager card? Really? Well, it's a Ranger and I'm just trying to use what I've got to go a little older and get something relevant for the collection. The funny thing is I've had two trade offers from people wanting this card, but they were offering really new stuff I don't want.

This last trade was completed Saturday morning. I decided Friday to pull out the stops and I put out 30 trade offers. Many of them were the same card offered multiple times for different cards. Such was the case with this card as I offered up my 1987 Mike Schmidt card to 5 people hoping one of them would accept the offer. One of them did and I ended up with this beauty:

1970 Rookie Stars Senators

I don't know who those guys are either, but I'll trade ANY 1987 card for ANY 1970 card anytime and since I'm going to add any and all Senators cards to my wantlists, this was a no-brainer.

Late Sunday night, two of my remaining 25 offers were rejected. I've since increased the offers back up to a total of 30 and hope to get some more trades completed this week.

If any of you have any Rangers or Senators let me know...maybe we can trade!


  1. Nice! If I could trade '87 stars for '70's commons in real life I'd never leave the house!

  2. I once had that 1970 Senators card. I traded it away. But I didn't get a 1987 Mike Schmidt in return!