Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Rangers from Baseball Card Recollections

I recently received a package of Rangers from Nathaniel over at Baseball Card Recollections. He packed in some great oddball stuff and all he wanted in return were a couple of Tony Gwynn cards. I can handle that. Let's just jump into it shall we?

I'll get the one non-oddball card I scanned out of the way first. This is a 1995 Fleer/Skybox Emotion Rusty Greer. According to this card, Rusty is "Calculating".

Here are a couple of 1986 Topps minis(?), Charlie Hough and Toby Harrah. I think I've gotten a couple of these in trades before, but I don't remember getting any of these back in 1986. I seem to recall someone saying these came in small packs, not as part of the base set.
I like how the border colors on this 1990 Starline Ruben Sierra complement the team colors. The border doesn't look as purple in real life as it does in the scan.
I really want to stick this 1981 Danny Darwin sticker on my lunchbox. First, I need to get a lunch box.
This is a SWELL 1989 George "Doc" Medich card. Swell is both the brand and the way I feel about having this card. I really think this is the first Doc Medich card I've ever received in a trade. I remember Doc because he was my best friend's favorite player. When we played our little pitch/catch game he would be Doc and I would be Sundberg.
Nathaniel, thanks for the cards. Be on the lookout for a couple of Gwynn cards!

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